Sunday, 25 February 2018

conditional statements In story

conditional statements
In story

 If you go to the bed on time, then you will get up on time.
 If you get up on time, then you would’ve went to the bed on time.
 If you don’t get up on time, then you will go to school late .
 If you go to school late, then you will miss many thing that teacher teach.
 If you miss many thing that teacher teach, than you will can’t do the exam.

salin(Proud) 101 #1

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Thursday, 7 September 2017

equilateral triangle

Image result for how to draw an equilateral triangle
step1: draw a line
step2: draw an arc. with the middle of the circle as the end point of the line
step3: draw a line with a ruler from the end point

Saturday, 5 August 2017

statistics lab

name   height    age   which of arms outstretch    hand width   pinky length   eyebrow  length of  should
                      fingertip to fingertip                                                                       width         hair    width
proud   160       12                155                              16.5                6.1                 4                50      46.7
minnie  156      12                154                               17                   4.5                 3.5             60      41
yuki      147      12                146.5                            15                   4                   4                 33      42
noon     164       12                74                                19                   7                   3                 75      38
1.Who are the tallest people? Why?
 Noon because she is tall 164

2.What's the relationship between hand width and height

3. Who has the largest width of arm? Do they play sport?
Proud .She don't play sport

4.Is eyebrow width related the length of hair? Why or why not
No because the eyebrow do not the hair long

5.Is the length of your pinky related to your grade in class?
No because pinky don't make me smart